Monday, 17 December 2012

Character Analysis

Professor Pierre Aronnax-

Professor Pierre Aronnax is a French marine biologist who lives in New York. His interest is
the sea and all of its life forms, and is expert in his field. In the story he can’t choose between staying with Nemo and learning the ocean’s secrets or escaping with Ned Land. When Nemo attacks and destroys a warship toward the end of the book, Aronnax is shocked by the Nautilus, the voyage, and his ‘scientifically enlightening experiences‘. In the end he decides to make the escape. 
Aronnax's goal is that he has been told last minute to join the expedition to find the sea creature with other crew members.

Quote: “I repeat my view based on the logic of facts.” Aronnax says this while debating with Land about the giant narwhal being real or not. Land does not believe in the creature because he has seen nothing like it. Aronnax believe it exists because he believes it is the only logical possibility but Land ends up being right.

Ned Land- 

 Ned Land is a 40 year old harpooner, a man of action- not of scientific analysis. His values are being Captain Nemo’s chief adversary on the Nautilus (submarine). He is mostly familiar to the sea's surface, not its depths. Ned Land tries loads of times to escape from the Nautilus (submarine) and to bring Conseil and Aronnax with him, but they keep resisting. He then forces his companions to become aware of the terms of their stay on the Nautilus.
Quote: “...I am not a butcher, I am a hunter and this was just butchers’ work.” This is Land’s response to the killing of lots whales by the Nautilus (submarine). Land is differentiating the way he killed marine life and the way Nemo killed the whales.

Conseil is very intelligent, well educated and humorous. He is completely loyal to Aronnax, a bit too much too. During there trip under the sea in the submarine Conseil is useful for being able to scientifically classify an animal.
Quote: “Not at all; but I followed Monsieur since I am in Monsieur’s service.” This is Conseil’s reply to Aronnax when he asks if Conseil was thrown from the Abraham Lincoln too. The men were both struggling in the water where they almost drowned.

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